Comment by: Joshua Calandrillo
Dena, thank you so much for sharing with us at the Normal Theater last night! It was an incredible opportunity to learn about this phenomenal work. I knew very little about Van Gogh and his work before this. To be honest, it was a Doctor Who episode that first piqued my interest. I really appreciated how you took us through the process of creating a film like this. I agree with you that the human element comes through the movie strongly. I can not imagine how much it would have lost if everything had meshed so seamlessly that the individuals who created the film completely disappeared. That said, there was a powerful cohesion and consistency in it all! Keep up the great work!

Comment by: Jon Geers
Amazing work, amazing story. As someone who can't even draw stick figures, I look at work like yours and think "awe" isn't enough of a word.
Comment by: Brad Smith
Pure talent! I would truly enjoy seeing your work in person.
Comment by: Cheryl St. John
I absolutely loved your presentation at the Boulder Library yesterday! Had to do more research to find you on the website..... it's all so interesting! Great Job!! You are famous!!
Comment by: Jean Clark
Have enjoyed your work for years.
Comment by: Pat Geonetta
I enjoyed your talk at the FAC Docents meeting about your experience in Poland being an animator/ painter on the Loving Van Gogh movie. Love your loose style and soft edges.
Comment by: audrie Mergelman
Dena! I love your new work! Beautiful landscapes. I will try to get to the studio tour and see it in person.
Comment by: Maria fiore
Dena, your paintings are beautiful.Please contact me, through facebook or email, I WOULD LOVE TO CHAT WITH YOU.
Comment by: Carol Condit
Dena - I so enjoy receiving your mailings! Please change my email address to the above. Thanks!!! Carol
Comment by: Erik Brihagen
Comment by: Stephanie Buffetti
Hi Dena, I enjoy looking at your artwork. Michele and I often talk about a day trip up your way. I would love to see your work in person. You're really awesome!
Comment by: Bob Baitinger
Hello Dena..Last summer my wife and I were visiting Howard Manville gallery, and being a BIRD BUFF (?) I fell in love wiht the FLICKER & it is in our guestroom - and gets many comments. Cynthia (Spruill) <spouse) is also a painter/ I love what you artists do with a brush and colors!! Cyn is at , her site is new with not a lot posted yet, Keep up YOUR GOOD WORK. And thanks again for the flicker/ They were regular visitors in oru garden on the Olympic Peninsula.

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